Joe Chirco - Drums, Percussion

Joe Chirco knew he was born to be a drummer from Christmas Day, at age five, when he received his first drum kit.  Through his years of growing up, Joe pursued studying music, practicing, playing and observing as many different drummers and musicians as he could. No matter how far he needed to travel, continuously going to drum shows/clinics, master classes and seeing live bands.  Each individual event was an unbelievable learning experience.  "I just couldn't get enough".

What makes Joe positively unique among drummers has been his passion to play in many different genres. A prominent drummer in the world of jam rock, funk, world music, reggae, jazz and blues, Joe is seamless. This subtle versatility, along with the soulful power that every rock band needs. Always up for a challenge, Joe has traveled from coast to coast playing, clubs, theaters and countless festivals applying his funk-meets-jam approach and awe-inspiring improv skills. All the hard work, passion, determination, sweat and tears, is for the love of music. If you have a dream, a vision, a goal…follow it. For it is within your reach.